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The Aims and Objectives of the Institution of the Shri Tulsi Manas Mandir:

Temple: At the temple prayers, assemblies, discourses and preachings along with various religious activities are conducted daily, both in the early morning and evening. Besides, the Ashram aims at specialized research at the same time making arrangements for praying to God in simple way, to acquainting the devotees of Lord, with the difficult Mantras is Sanskrit and various methods the rituals of offering, and inspire them for realization of God.

Shri Ram Charit Manas Vidyalaya: Under the auspices of Shri Ram Charit Manas School, students are prepared to selflessly serving the suffering human kind while mutually sharing affection for their fellow beings.  In a psychological manner students are taught to get rid of the evil feelings of jealousy and animosity. While inculcating in them good qualities they are trained to become good speakers so that they can be sent to various place with the single aim of serving society and preaching religion.

Manas Vachanalaya: In this place there is a unique collection of Upadeshas (lectures) on the excellent qualities of Ramayana, on various aspects of mankind, easy solutions to its problems, delivered by India’s great saints. There are valuable collections of journals of high quality that deal with Ramayana. A reading of these journal helps the common man to have faith and devotion for the rare epic of Ramayana- the epic that works like nectar, and inspire him to read and reflect upon it and to follow the path shown by it so that on this sacred land of India the dream if Indian ideals and of the concept of an ideal home can be turned into reality.

Shri Tulsi Manas Mandir: A brief outline of its Prospective Building

(i)                 The main Gate of temple will be in marble with the inscription “Shri Tulsi Manas Mandir” Haridwar.

(ii)               On the right side of after the entrance, there will be an attractive Tulsi Garden where a statue will be installed depicting the scene of the famous verse: “Tulsi Das chandan ghisen /tilak det Raghuvir.”

(iii)             On the left side there will be a beautiful pond, which will have the four Ghats (Banks). Four statues will be installed on each bank of the pond with different subjects. On the northern bank the statues will depict Shri Kakbhushundji, while on the southern bank of the pond will depict Shri Yagywalkaji Maharaj relating to the Ramayana to Shri Bhardwaj Muni. On the eastern ghat Shri Ashuthosh Shankar (Lord Shiva) will be shown relating Ramayana to Mother Parvati, and on the western bank Mahamana Goswami   Tulsi Das Ji will be shown composing of Ramayana.

(iv)             A little way ahead, there will be a big Hall of Shri Manas Mandir having three imposing temples. In the middle, there will be Ram Darbar with Lord Shiva and mother Durga on each side. Besides idols of Lord Ganesha and other gods and goddesses will be installed in traditional way described in the Shastras (ancient scriptures). Also there will be idols of Rishi’s, gods and goddesses mentioned in Ramayana. On the marble wall of the Hall will be inscribed all Chaupayees. Dohas, Chhandas and Sorathas(different types of couplets used in literature) along with the innovations at the beginning of all the kands (sections of Ramayana). Also, there will be inscribed names and addresses of all the donors. Pictures of all the auspicious events of different sections will be inscribed on the 6×6 feet marble slabs. Guest rooms for the saints will be constructed at the back of the Hall. There will also be pond here where there will installed four idols. Also there will be a depiction of Shri Ram Chandra Ji applying Tilak on the forehead of Shri Goswami Tulsi Das Ji.

Any lover of religion who makes a donation of any type in the construction of this temple will find his name and address inscribed on the marble slabs. He will be recognized as bonafide member of the temple. All such members will be specially entitled to participate in the institution’s religious functions and will be kept informed of every programme.

To the devotees:

Because of the great encouragement and generosity of the devotees, the construction of the Tulasi Manas Mandir (Ashram and Institution) is being accomplished well. So far, the guest house comprising thirty rooms is ready. At present all the religious visitors, saints, Mahatmas, students and householders and their families are availing themselves of the boarding and residential facilities provided by the institution. Besides this, a magnificent temple and a beautiful assembly hall are under construction. It will prove very useful to all the sadhaks and saints coming to the Ashram with an aim to carry on their meditation (Sadhana).

The future work of construction will also be accomplished because of the help extended by the donors like you! Therefore, kindly donate liberally in this noble cause with Shraddha (devotion and love) and help us in accomplishing the task that has been undertaken. It is perhaps known to all the religious minded that donating in such a sacred cause is rewarded with auspiciousness and good fortune. Such act of Dana(donating a in a noble cause) are executed by the great and noble.

Such an opportunity comes to those who have done some scared deeds.

Shri Tulasi Manas Mandir’s Projects for the welfare of the people and the Benefit of the Religion:

Annapoorna Kshetra: In the most scared township of Haridwar, also known as adobe of saints and sages, close on to the banks of Sapta Sarover Dhara’s of river Ganges, the great Redeemer of Sins, is situated Shri Tulasi Manas Mandir (Ashram). Here in Annapoorna Annakshetra, a kitchen is run by the temple organization. This kitchen daily caters for the incoming guests, saints and sages, Mahatmas, Sanyasis and the detached ones. The food is served with utmost regard for all the guests.

Desirous devotees are invited to enroll themselves as life members so that Annkshetra becomes self-sufficient and self-reliant and is able to carry on with its aim.

The subscription fee for the Life membership of Annapurna Annakshetra is 101 pounds and annual subscription is 25 pounds in U.K. The life membership is 200 US dollars and annual subscription is 50 US dollars in U.S.A

Hostel:  Keeping in view the significance of education in accordance with a verse in Vedas “Tamosama Jyotirgamaya”. Tulasi Manas Mandir provides free education to bright and promising children staying in Ashram. Such children are given free residential facilities, books, food and medical care. In this yagya of Vidya dan (a celebration of donating education) many philanthropic personalities have made their offering according to their capacity and Shraddha (a term implying devotion and reverence) and have extended their cooperation.

Gaushala (habitat for the cows): In the culture of Sanatan Dharma, a special place has been consecrated to the Mother cow. Serving a cow and giving of the cow as Dana equals the punyas achieved after performing hundreds of Yagyas.

‘Matar sarvabhoota nam gavah sarv sukh prada’ i.e. like the kalp vriksh (a legendary tree, which yields anything desired) on this earth, only the cow, the Mother of the World is giver of all comforts. In order to accomplish the service and worship of the cow in the traditional manner, a Gaushala (Habitat for the cows) has been established in the Ashram.

Manas Mandakini: In order to preach, propagate and sing praise of Lord Rama, of his ideal character, Manas Mandakini the quarterly journal is being published for the past one and half years. Lord Rama’s sacred Leela’s (worldly deeds performed by incarnation) tells us about an ideal brother, wife, son, family, and society and teaches us about the organization of society and nation. In Goswami Tulsi Das Ji’s words. ” Ye charith je gawahi, Hari pad pawahi, te na parahin bhav koopa “(those who have sing about Lord Rama’s life reach the feet of God and never get trapped in the well of this world).

“Manas Mandakini” the very name of the magazine means the Ganges of the Lord Rama’s Story-

Whoever swims in it will be attaining punya. Rightly has it been said: “Jin khoja tin payan/Gahere pani painth/Mein babari dhoondan gayi/Rahi kinare baith “(Those who reached for him diving deeply down did find Him. Look at me the crazy one, who tried to look for him sitting on the bank).

Manas Mandakini shows the way to its readers, kindling in them the sacred fire of knowledge. With this aim in mind, articles giving the essence of knowledge are written by various scholars, saints and great souls and literary writers are published in this quarterly. Lots of intellectual’s readers and devotees of God are its regular subscribers.

The subscription fee for life membership of Manas Mandakini is 100 pounds and Annual subscription is 10 pound sin U.K. The life membership is 150US dollars and Annual subscription is 15 US Dollars in U.S.A

Those who want to participate in the projects mentioned above are invited to become members. They can mail their gifts and donations at the following address: Shri Tulasi Manas Mandir, Sapta Sarover Road, Haridwar-249410 (U.P) India. In favour of Shri Tulasi Manas Mandir, Haridwar.

But for receiving a journal a cheque or bank daft should be mailed in favour of Shri Manas Mandakini, Haridwar.