Scheduled Activities

Kindle Life, Inc. Schedule of Special “Ram Katha”

Schedule of Regular Activities by Kindle Life, Inc.:

Daily Scheduled services with specific deities:

Week Day Planets Deities-Gods Goddesses Saints Other
Sunday Sun Ram Gayatri
Monday Moon Shiva / Krishna Parvati
Tuesday Mars/Ketu Ganesh/Hanuman
Wednesday Mercury Ganesh/Krishna Sarasvati
Thursday Jupiter Vishnu /Brihaspati Lakshmi Saibaba/Jalaram Guru
Friday Venus Vishnu/Shukradev Durga/Lakshmi Parshuram
Saturday Saturn/Rahu Shani/Hanuman Pipal


In addition to daily regular services, and specific prayers according to week day the following monthly, special events, and activities are scheduled based on the Vedic Lunar calendar. Please visit  or to determine the exact dates for the specific date of additional services.

Attendance at these special events is by reservation only. Please call 510-666-4326 to reserve to participate in any special service.

Monthly Scheduled Spiritual/Religious Events:

  • Second Day of Waxing Moon: Shree Ramdev Peer Katha and Prasad. All night observance.
  • Tenth Day of Waxing Moon: Shree Ramdev Peer Katha and Prasad. All night observance.
  • Full Moon Day: Shree Satya Narayan Katha and Prasad.
  • Fourteenth day of Waning Moon: Kaal Sarp Yoga all night Observance.
  • Fasting Days: Eleventh day of each lunar phase, Waxing or Waning Moon.

Annually Scheduled Spiritual/Religious Events:

  • Diwali, Lakshmi Puja, New Year, & Brother’s Day (Bhai Beej).
  • Raksha Bandhan (Sister’s Day) Full moon in the month of Shravan.
  • Holi.
  • Chaitry Navratri Nine days of Shakti (Energy Observation) followed by Ram Navami.
  • Ashaadhi Navratri Nine days of Shakti (Energy Observation) followed by Dashera (Before Diwali).
  • Ganesh Chaturthi.
  • Janmashtami (Lord Krishna’s Birth Day).
  • Maha Shivaratri (Lord Shiva’s Nightly Celebration).
  • Hanuman Jayanti.
  • Shanaishar Jayanti.
  • Ganga Dashera Celebration.
  • Guru Poornima Celebration.


Provide Assistance For Scheduling and Performing Hindu religious rites:  Scheduled only privately to accommodate individual preferences as requested:


The Sixteen Samskaras
1. Garbhadan The first coming together of the husband & wife to bring about conception.
2. Pumsvan Ceremony performed when the first signs of conception are seen. Performed when someone desires a male child.
3. Seemantonayan Ceremony of parting of the hairs of the expectant mother to keep her spirits high & positive. Special music is arranged for her.
4. Jatakarma After the birth of the child, the child is given a secret name, given taste of honey & ghee, and mother starts the first breast-feeding after chanting of a mantra.
5. Nama-karana The child is given a formal name. Performed on the 11th day.
6. Nishkramana The formal darshan of the sun & moon is done for the child.
7. Annaprashana This ceremony is performed when the child is given solid food (anna) for the first time.
8. Chudakarana Cuda is the ‘lock or tuft of hair’ kept after the remaining part is shaved off.
9. Karna-vedha Done in 7th or 8th month. Piercing of the ears.  
10. Upanayan & Vedarambha The thread ceremony. The child is thereafter authorized to perform all rituals. Studies of Vedas begins with the Guru.
11. Keshanta Hairs are cut, guru dakshina is given. 
12. Samavartan Returning to the house.
13. Vivaha Marriage ceremony.
14. Vanprastha As old age approaches, the person retires for a life of tapas & studies.
15. Sanyas Before leaving the body a Hinddu sheds all sense of responsibility & relationships to awake & revel in the timeless truth. 
16. Antyeshthi The last rites done after the death.

Kindle Life, Inc. also facilitates the other special services listed below as part of the community services:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Havan
  • Vastu, starting new construction, starting to live in a new residence, starting a new business, etc.
  • Astrological consultation for determining personalized various Muhurt (Auspicious times), special Jap meditations to suit individual needs.
  • Ayurvedic and Holistic approach for health and well being
  • Rudraksha as used in spirituality and health.

Facilitate learning three major languages associated with scriptures in Hinduism:

  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • Gujarati

Access to ancient Hinduism literature and texts through a library of available scriptures in four languages:

  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • Gujarati
  • English
  • Spiritual consultations

Sponsor fundraising events for local charities. For example, in the past events for Children’s Hospital, Oakland, No Kids Remain Hungry, Hospitals, Scholarship fund in memory of a fallen soldier in Afghanistan, Support for victims of violent crimes and their families etc. were sponsored.

Sponsor publications of ancient or out of print religious or spiritual scriptures. The following books have been published with support from Kindle Life, Inc.:

  • Shree Camp Hanumanji Mahima (Gujarati)
  • Shree Durga, Gayatri, Rudra Vidhan (Gujarati & Sanskrit)
  • Zankar (Gujarati & Sanskrit)
  • Sanskrut Shastroma Chandranu Mahatva (Gujarati & Sanskrit)


Major Charitable Project in Planning and Development:

Please visit:

If you find it interesting and useful, sign up to find out how you can support this project. This project is designated as “Vision 20-20” and will fully operational before the end of year 2020.

Concepts Behind Vision 20-20:

As a quick beginning we will start with the subjects listed below offering tutorials and studies via the internet. We will set a target inauguration date, inviting the dignitaries and reporters associated with one of the significant days for India and her residents like Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Guru Purnima, etc.


SUBJECTS initially ready for offering lessons:

  1. Sanskrit Language
  2. Hindi Language
  3. Gujarati Language
  4. English Language
  5. World Religions, (Hinduism/Jainism/Buddhism/Sikhism/Islam/Christianity/Judaism/Jorostrian etc.)
  6. Ayurveda
  7. Astrology
  8. Yoga
  9. Meditation

Some of these subjects are already being offered online free of charge at various web addresses. Initially by providing links to such web addresses through our site, we can get the ball rolling while we complete the entire curriculum recognized by the educational institutions universally. In regard to lessons pertaining to World Religions, the reading texts and required reading may be selected from Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrian and Islam as well as all other religions as the administrators find appropriate. This way a person can understand not just Hinduism, but other major religions as well. Additional subjects/languages will be added as we progress, or we locate other competent resources & volunteers.



The computer learning program for each subject will be divided by four levels of credentials. Tests for each level will be provided. One can progress to the next level only after successful score of 75% at a previous level. Secured tests can be developed, and exam takers will need proper identification as well as video proctoring. Details could be developed by an NGO-India in collaboration with a governmental authority and other teaching institutions for recognition.


  1. Preliminary (Prarambhik)
  2. Entrance (Pravesh)
  3. Acquaintance (Parichaya)
  4. Graduate (Kovid)


Online and printed certificates will be provided as reliable credentials as well as acceptable as college credits universally.


It is identified that an educational institute such as C. N. Vidyavihar will participate in the following activities becoming the prime educational institute:


  1. Specify a web address as to identify the main online educational institution associated with “”  or some other educational facility in Ahmedabad, India.
  2. Such institution’s computer department in association with the Kindle Life Foundation, India may select a portal such as “” to provide resources for a large body of the student enrollees for administration at a very nominal rate.
  3. Establish universally acceptable curriculum and acceptable college level credits for completing each course and grades one to four as described above.
  4. Provide online lessons/videos as they are ready for upload. Use existing classes for each grade to videotape instructions in an active class that can be directly uploaded to the web site. The Kindle Life Foundation in India will provide financial / technical support for videotaping and computer interaction.
  5. Maintain student roster and individual progress, grades and data of final certification.
  6. Respond to all online student interaction in timely manner. The Kindle Life Foundation in India will assist with paid staff and volunteer staff.
  7. Add new subjects as appropriate.
  8. Issue completion certification and associated credits.
  9. Encourage and invite graduates to assist as new volunteers for new students.

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