Devanya Fund


Raised to Date:  $5,600.00


“Devanya” signifies “light” or “illumination” and befittingly Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

The “Devanya Fund,” founded in 2017, is an initiative to provide essential school supplies for small to mid-sized underprivileged schools in India.  The goal of the initiative is to ensure that disadvantaged students are given the opportunity to have a wholesome and complete education.

Through this program and with the support from Kindle Life, Inc., in the USA and Kindle Life Foundation in India, the “Devanya Fund” will provide for the construction of a new primary school in Ambaliyara Village, Gujarat, India, the home town of late Mr. Nathalal Amthalal Shah.  Mr. Shah, a well-known social worker and prominent labor leader in Gujarat, who believed that service to others was the highest service to God, was also the great-grandfather of the Devanya Fund’s founders.


The goal of the fund is to provide the following services:

  • Campus construction costs
  • Funds to purchase necessary school supplies locally
  • Distributing donated school supplies
  • Modern educational technology

Contributions by check, made payable to “Kindle Life, Inc.” are tax deductible to the extent permitted by IRS tax regulations (Tax ID # 94-3310847).  Similarly, donations by check, made payable to “Kindle Life Foundation” are fully tax deductible under present India tax laws.  Refer to donate tab for details. Please notate “For Devanya Fund” on memo line.


Devan Shah Soliman, Founder

Anya Shah Soliman, Founder