Kindle Life, Inc. is a religious non-profit organization that provides a space for Hindu practice, devotion, prayer and meditation in the rapidly growing Indian community of the Bay Area. Kindle Life’s mission is to promote Hindu religious beliefs, and to create an environment conducive to education, worship and the practice of the Hindu religion. The organization encourages exploration of the Hindu religion and regularly presents religious opportunities to practice religious tenets by working with elderly people in the community, providing loans and scholarships and encouraging donations to people in need, such as orphans and the victims of natural disasters.

Disaster Strikes anytime, anywhere.

It takes many forms: A hurricane, an earthquake, a tornado, a flood, a fire, a hazardous spill, a natural calamity, or an act of terrorism. It builds over days or weeks, or hits suddenly, without warning. Every year, millions of people face disaster, and its terrifying consequences.

Mission AND Vision

TERRORIST attack on World Trade Center and The Pentagon

Earthquake in Gujarat, INDIA

Shree Tulsi Manas Mandir-Haridwar

Nepal Earth quake

Kindle Life has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of USA. The organization is located in Oakland, California and is equipped with prayer hall, meeting rooms for men and women, and classrooms. The organization offers many religious and educational services for those who regularly visit Kindle Life. Kindle Life is fully supported by its members through charitable donations and fundraising activities.